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Season 3, Episode 5 Navigating Facility Relocation: Legal and Practical Considerations Season 3, Episode 4 The Changing Landscape of State AG Antitrust Enforcement Season 3, Episode 3 Leading With Purpose: Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum Discusses Her Role at NAAG Season 3, Episode 2 Decoding Cyber Threats: Protecting Critical Infrastructure in a Digital World Season 3, Episode 1 From the Courtroom to the Capitol: Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum Talks Leadership, Advocacy, and the Journey to Public Service Season 2, Episode 13 Exploring the Future of Open Banking: A Discussion on CFPB’s 1033 Proposed Rule Season 2, Episode 12 Budding Regulations: Navigating the Cannabis Regulatory Landscape Season 2, Episode 11 Game On: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Sports Wagering Season 2, Episode 10 A Conversation With NAAG Executive Director Brian Kane Season 2, Episode 9 A Conversation With Judge Lawrence VanDyke of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Season 2, Episode 8 AI: Impact and Use in Background Screening (Part Five) Season 2, Episode 7 AI: Impact and Use in the Financial Services Industry (Part Four) Season 2, Episode 6 AI: Impact and Use in the Health Care Industry (Part Three) Season 2, Episode 5 AI: Technology, Opportunities, Risks, and Best Practices (Part Two) Season 2, Episode 4 AI: Overview and Current Regulatory Landscape (Part One) Season 2, Episode 3 2022 Significant Developments in the Tobacco Industry and What to Expect in 2023 (Part Two) Season 2, Episode 2 2022 Significant Developments in the Tobacco Industry and What to Expect in 2023 (Part One) Season 2, Episode 1 The Evolution of State Attorneys General Season 1, Episode 13 How Law Firms and Lobbyists Can Work Together: A Look Into Lobbyists’ Role Among State AGs Season 1, Episode 12 A Look at the Unique Features of State AG Investigations and What Companies Should Consider in Selecting Outside Counsel Season 1, Episode 11 State of the Law: Contours of State False Claims Acts and How to Stay Out of Harm’s Way Season 1, Episode 10 A Look Ahead to the 2022 State AG Elections From RAGA Executive Director Pete Bisbee Season 1, Episode 9 A Look Ahead to the 2022 State AG Elections From DAGA President Sean Rankin Season 1, Episode 8 A Conversation with Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford Season 1, Episode 7 The “Pattern” of Racketeering Activity Season 1, Episode 6 What Is a Monitorship? A Conversation With Affiliated Monitors President Vin DiCianni Season 1, Episode 5 What the Budding Cannabis Industry Can Learn From the Established Alcohol Industry Season 1, Episode 4 State Attorneys General Call on Financial Giants to Eliminate Overdraft Fees Season 1, Episode 3 What Is the Major Questions Doctrine? A Discussion With Ohio Solicitor General Ben Flowers Season 1, Episode 2 The Role of Outside Counsel in Crisis Communications Season 1, Episode 1 A Conversation with NAAG President and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller Season 1, Episode 0 Introduction to Regulatory Oversight Podcast