From the Courtroom to the Capitol: Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum Talks Leadership, Advocacy, and the Journey to Public Service

Regulatory Oversight Podcast


In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, Partner Judy Jagdmann is joined by Oregon Attorney General (AG) Ellen Rosenblum to discuss her journey from being a federal prosecutor and state trial and appellate judge, to becoming Oregon’s AG.

AG Rosenblum describes her role as both the chief law officer of the state and the people’s attorney, representing state agencies, boards, commissions, the governor, and legislators, while also advocating for vulnerable populations.

Throughout the conversation, AG Rosenblum reflects on her diverse career path, which includes experiences as a small firm attorney, a federal prosecutor, a trial court judge, and now, AG. She underscores the significance of mastering advocacy, nurturing relationships, and preserving humility as essential attributes for legal professionals. She also shares insights on how career setbacks have often paved the way for new opportunities, ultimately leading her to her current role.

The discussion between Judy and AG Rosenblum also touches on advice for young women attorneys who aspire to leadership roles within the legal sector. AG Rosenblum encourages them not to shy away from leadership and management opportunities. She stresses the importance of actively seeking opportunities, accruing experience, and embracing risks. AG Rosenblum also highlights the importance of building and investing in relationships, sharing examples from her own career of how nurturing relationships has significantly impacted her career.


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