FCA Uncovered: Mitigating Risk in the Regulatory Spotlight

Regulatory Oversight Podcast


In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, Troutman Pepper Partner Amy Williams welcomes Jenelle Beavers and Rob Sayegh from Alvarez & Marsal. Jenelle serves as a managing director and Rob as a senior director of A&M's Disputes and Investigations practice.

The group discusses state false claims acts, comparing them to their federal counterparts, and strategizing ways to mitigate FCA risk. They also explore potential FCA exposure for private equity firms, the necessity of robust compliance programs, and the role of third-party reviews in compliance effectiveness.

Jenelle underscores the significant implications of these statutes on companies, especially in the health care sector. Rob highlights investigators' focus areas, including compliance, training, management engagement, third-party reviews, and data management's role in investigations and compliance.

Their insights provide practical tips for navigating state false claims acts, emphasizing the importance of strong compliance structures and preparedness for regulatory investigations.


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