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Decoding Cyber Threats: Protecting Critical Infrastructure in a Digital World

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 02.27.24 In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, Troutman Pepper Partner Judy Jagdmann and Counsel Gene Fishel are joined by Sam Kaplan, assistant general counsel for public policy for Palo Alto Networks. They engage in an insightful conversation revolving around the government response to cyber incidents and the potential role of AI […]

From the Courtroom to the Capitol: Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum Talks Leadership, Advocacy, and the Journey to Public Service

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 02.12.24 In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, Partner Judy Jagdmann is joined by Oregon Attorney General (AG) Ellen Rosenblum to discuss her journey from being a federal prosecutor and state trial and appellate judge, to becoming Oregon’s AG. AG Rosenblum describes her role as both the chief law officer of the […]

Exploring the Future of Open Banking: A Discussion on CFPB’s 1033 Proposed Rule

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 12.14.23 In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, Ashley Taylor is joined by his colleagues Kim Phan and Kristen Eastman to discuss the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) 1033 proposed rule, also known as the Personal Financial Digital Rights rule. This rule, part of the Dodd-Frank Act, aims to place limits on […]

Budding Regulations: Navigating the Cannabis Regulatory Landscape

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 12.7.23 In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, Troutman Pepper RISE attorneys Jean Gonnell and Cole White are joined by AGA’s Bruce Turcott, legal editor of the Cannabis Law Deskbook, to discuss the evolution of cannabis regulation in Colorado and Washington, the first two states to legalize marijuana. They discuss the challenges and […]

Game On: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Sports Wagering

In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, Gene Fishel and Mike Lafleur welcome Pat Moore and Jared Rinehimer from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s (AG) Office to discuss online sports wagering.

A Conversation With NAAG Executive Director Brian Kane

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 07.12.23 In the latest episode of Regulatory Oversight, the National Association of Attorney General (NAAG) Executive Director Brian Kane joins co-host Ashley Taylor to discuss the role that NAAG plays among attorneys general. NAAG provides a community for attorneys general and their staff to collaboratively address issues important to their work, as […]

A Conversation With Judge Lawrence VanDyke of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 06.21.23 In this episode of the Regulatory Oversight Podcast, Judge VanDyke joins Troutman Pepper RISE attorneys Ketan Bhirud, Mike Yaghi, and Stephen Piepgrass for an informative discussion on his background and path to becoming a judge, including his time working in several state attorneys general offices. Additionally, Judge VanDyke shares insightful information […]

AI: Impact and Use in Background Screening (Part Five)

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 05.30.23 Many companies use machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with employment decisions and tenant screening. In our final episode, Stephen Piepgrass and colleagues Ron Raether and Dave Gettings examine the use and impact of AI in background screening, including the potential risks companies may face with increased reliance […]

AI: Impact and Use in the Financial Services Industry (Part Four)

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 05.16.23 Financial services companies are using AI to assist with many business processes, including underwriting decisions, consumer credit approval, servicing and collections, loss mitigation programs, customer interaction on websites and mobile apps via chatbots, and in detecting fraud. In this fourth episode, Stephen Piepgrass and colleagues Chris Willis and Michael Yaghi examine […]

AI: Impact and Use in the Health Care Industry (Part Three)

Regulatory Oversight Podcast 05.03.23 AI continues to capture the headlines. One recent headline noted that ChatGPT passed the medical boards. In this third episode, Stephen Piepgrass and colleagues Michael Yaghi and Barry Boise discuss the potential risks health care companies may face with increased reliance on AI, as well as the increased focus on AI […]

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